So this friday, I’m attending this concert by The Mouse Keys and I’m pretty excited for it.(I am definitely gonna blog about it) It’s another CCA event where we go together and yeah. I think its my 3rd or so concert? I lost count. But the others were amazing. The first one i attended was back in 2014.


I still kept the ticket and it would be up there. We went to watch John Pizzarelli Quartet which was a jazz group. Since at the time we were interested in pop music and didn’t know that they were a jazz group, we actually found the concert quite boring. (Im actually laughing writing this) We were like falling asleep and the clapping woke us up. But it was interesting…if i wasnt tryna stay awake all the time HAHAHA…ahem..


(Mah Beautiful 2 fingers..😉)

The second concert i went to was a more lively one. This one was upbeat and kept us excited through out. It is by husband and wife Rodrigo and Gabriela. They even invited people onstage to sing and dance with them. But of course me being the shy and awkward one, did not go up. We just sat in the darkness and watched….mwahahahhahaha….

And so this friday will be my 3rd concert and probably my last…expect a blog post about that…heheheheh



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