Food is love, Food is life.


Ah, food. Something that pleases a girl. Or only pleases me. I love food. I eat so much and i am so thin. That is one thing that i am freaking pissed off at. High metabolism squad, where you at?


I’m in a food course in school. I cook amazing new dishes and the sad thing is after i digest it, I’m still thin. And i get bullied. A lot. People used to call me stick. Its sad. But i do not give a single shit about their mean words. They are haters. And haters gonna hater ami right? Anyway, to those out there who worry about your weight or if your super thin like me, don’t give a shit if people call you names or judge you. Love your body. Love yourself. Don’t try to lose weight to fit in. It’s not worth it. Be proud of your body. Be proud of YOU.



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