So, yes I’m still in school. *sigh* But ine good thing is that exams are over! YASSSSS! And another good thing is that vacation is around the corner!!! DOUBLE YASSSSS! So school is real hectic for me. Now that im in a new level, new class, new and annoying classmates and most importantly, a new subject! Ooo0ooo0o0oh! I know i know, you all must be thinking, “Dude its like may already why you telling us this shit”
Well, i just needed a place to rant thats all. School is real stressful and just letting it out somewhere is kinda nice.

I don’t like sharing some things about my life or about school shit to my family…. Because it’s kinda awkward to…especially talking to my mom about my love life and my sister would just barge in and it would be so awkward. SO ENOUGH OF ME BABBLING. Geez. Also, follow me on wattpad at XcaylaX19…heheheh…see ya in the next post!



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