Ah, superheroes! Who’s your favourites? Mine is The Flash and Supergirl…but does Harley Quinn count? People ask me why The Flash and Supergirl? Well, The Flash, aka Barry Allen. I watch the series (I LOVE IT!) and i feel that apart from his HEAVENLY good looks and he is super stubborn, (true tho) he has that NEVER give up attitude and would do whatever it takes to save his friends and loved ones.


Supergirl, well, she starts off as a girl that just wants to go straight in there and get the bad guys. But many obstacles get in her way and the advice that Cat Grant (AMAZING acting btw Calista) gives her is so true and just relatable. So this two heroes actually touched my heart. (Real corny, i know) So tell me who your favourite heroes are…i would like to know. And if you have not watched their show, what are you waiting for? 😉



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