RSAF Open House 2016

So today, i went with my school to the Singapore Air Forces open house. It was pretty cool. We saw the planes and how they took off and etc. Although it was SUPER DAMN HOT, we had so much fun.


That’s a picture that my friend took of us girls. I’m looking super swaggy…hehee..

Anyway, we saw the jets and planes.


And learnt how they operated and etc. When we reached, we were just in time for the air show where the pilots showed off how the planes took off and their purpose. It was super loud and i almost went deaf. Jkay.


The view was amazing and the field was vast and open. We walked A LOT because that place was huge. There was a carnival and different shops all around us.

I also got a chance to sit in a jet!

Looking just fine..hehehehe. Anyway, if you live in singapore, make sure to check it out! See ya in da next posts!



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