Mouse On The Keys

So today, i went for the concert i was talking about a few blog posts back.


It was okay…i guess..To be honest, the music was not my taste. It was a Japanese type of music, it was WAY WAY WAYYY too loud and the worst part, there was so much flashing lights that my eyes could not handle. But overall, the music was nice. But what was not nice was me saving my eyes and trying not to go deaf. I have NO shit clue how my friends could go through it. Guh.


So anyway, i think that the type of music was definetly NOT my taste but i enjoyed…some parts…


That is the recital studio. Got a quick pic before i was asked to put mah phone away.


That’s just a random picture of the main part in singapore that i took. I tried to take a nice picture of mbs but all i got was this


Yea…But anyway, Mouse on the keys was a good performance but just not my taste. I warn people in advance who cannot take flashing lights, loud AF music or have epilepsy to not go for this. See ya in da next post!



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