Updates & Extraction #1!

So! I have not blogged for awhile because i have been caught up with numerous things. Recently, like yesterday, 1st June, my mom left on a short holiday with her workmates to Thailand! Sawadikap! (Apologises if i spelt that wrong..)

So she is returning this Sunday. Also, yesterday, i went for my extraction of two teeth for my braces, if you read my braces blog post. I have to go through two extrations, one tooth each from upper and lower sections of my teeth. So my first extraction was yesterday and it went well.

The doctor injected the anesthetic before yanking and pulling at my tooth. We decided to do the hard one. When the procedure was completed, the right side of my lip was all so numb. I could not even drink water properly and i could not feel my lip whatsoever. The anesthetic wore off after 3 hours. 3 HOURS! And my lip went back to normal. There was ALOT of bleeding from my wound but its much better today, 2 June. I also got my period at the time i was preparing to go for my appointment! How awesome, right!? *tears stream down mah face*

But anywho, my next appt is on the 8th of June. Or maybe this Sunday….who knows?



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