Home Sweet Home.

So it is now 9.20pm and a few hours ago, around 4.30pm, we reached the airport. My dad, sister and i went to Terminal 1 and waited by the belt stated on the tv screen. Around 5pm, my mum’s flight landed and 5 minutes later, the luggages started coming out.

My mum took awhile before she appeared and walked to grab her bag. I made this cute sign when people hold up if their waiting for a certain person. Mine had the word “Mom” written on it in big black ink. People stared at me, especially boys for some reason, like i was some insane person. But like i gave a shit. Im just so glad my mom’s home safe and sound. Thailand, Chiang Mai (again, apologises for the wrong spellings) was fun for her, but also tiring and she was not able to go on most of the tours due to her period, sadly. But eh, at least it was fun and the hotel was great. See ya in da next post!



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