10 June 2016

So i survived the long ordeal of taking out teeth and then recovering AND THEN taking out more and then recovering. And today is the day. About a few hours ago, i went to get my braces on, for the first time. Y’all ready to see mah horrendous teeth but super cool looking braces?


BA-BAM! Ta-da!!! The whole process took about 1 hour and i think 15 minutes. Dayum. I actualy wanted purple because i LOVE IT SHO MUCH but they did not have it like wth. So i chose blue. I actually wanted a different shade of blue but they ran out of it so i chose this darker one. And i turned out nice! So right now, it is hurting…A LOT. I can’t eat certain type of food for now and i have to go on a soft diet till i get used to the braces. Pray 4 me!



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