31st August 2016

So recently, I watched and read about different fears that people had and it inspired me to write about my own fears. I narrowed it down to Top 3 fears so it won’t get too boring. Let’s begin, shall we?

Starting from number 3, I have Agliophobia, the fear of pain. I always hated pain ever since I was young. Everytime the health people came down to my school for health checkups, I would always dread there being injections. Even before the needle even touch my skin, I would start to cry. Like recently, I got my braces done. And when the doctor told me I needed to get 4 teeth extracted, my stomach fell as fear overtook me. I really hate pain even up to today. People tell me to just like look away or don’t think about it but IT DOES NOT WORK AT ALL. Its seriously one of my biggest fears and that’s why till this day I hate the feeling of pain.

At number 2, I have Social Phobia. The fear of being humiliated and embarrassed. I know What you might be thinking, “wow. This girl is a pussy.” But it’s true. I am always afraid of being embarrassed. Like when I go on stage. I always hide behind people to prevent embarrassment. But when Im alone, I freak out. Recently, I was in the train with my mom. My shoelace came undone and she told me to tie it before the train reached the station. So I bent down to do it and the train (since it was moving) jerked forward a little and I fell onto my butt and slid abit, infront of the dozens of people. I was seriously so embarrassed but I didn’t show it. I just remained quiet. It’s really a shit feeling and sadly I have to go through that everytime I get embarrassed.

And finally, my biggest fear of all time. Number 1. I have Entomophobia. Fear of bugs. I literally HATE every single type of bug. Except for butterflies. I really hate bugs and I know that this is a common fear. But for me, it’s different. Even after the bug was murdered and my mom would ask me to pick it up (cause she herself is a pussy) (Jkay love you mom) I would still not do it and try to avoid it. If I get pushed too far I would legit start crying. Last year, I went on a trip with my school to Vietnam, such a lovely place btw. So we stayed in the low-class hotel for 2 nights. And the whole time we were there, in my room’s toilet, was a giant ass lizard. So because we had two people to one room, my friend was not afraid of it. But I was shit scared. On the very first day of showering, I legit shook so much that I fell and accidentally broke the shower. All because of that stank lizard. So I decided after every shower or after we brush our teeth, we just shut the door. Although there were other lizards in our room, they never showed themselves during our stay at the hotel and i was SO happy to be leaving that place on the third day. I sometimes wonder how Im gonna survive life with the bugs.

So, being afraid And having fears is normal. And sometimes, it takes time to overcome it. Like 2 years ago, I overcame my fear of rollercoasters. And it was actually fun. So it’s okay to have fears because many people out there have their own fears…its not just you.



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