Gardens By The Bay.

Sunday, 11 September 2016.

Yesterday, 10 September, I went out with my aunt to Gardens by the bay. Its a attraction that is about nature. There were two main Domes that we went to. It was the Flower Dome and Cloud Forest.

We first went to the Flower Dome. To be honest, there weren’t many nice flowers. But I took some pictures of flowers that I found interesting and beautiful.

That flower was one of my first picture I took of.

This flower is one, my favourite color and two, it reminded me of Lilies.

This would be perfect for a wedding!

Sadly, these flowers seem to be withering.

Now, this section was called the Tribal collection of flowers. These collection of flowers was what grew and blossomed in certain Tribal countries.

These are SO adorable.

These flowers would be PERFECT for a flower crown.

Now these flowers are part of the Tribal Collection. Aren’t they beautiful?

So are these!

This is a overall picture of one side of the Tribal Collection.

I feel like just throwing myself in these bed of flowers. 😍

What a majestic lion.

So after visiting the Flower dome, we made our way to eat and then we headed to the Cloud Forest. I got multiple beautiful shots for you guys!

Isn’t it beautiful?! It was so cooling and misty in there. I was smart to bring a jacket along because 1st the same time it was FREAKING FREEZING. We then made our way up to the Sky bridge which allows us to walk around the mountain on a higher platform.

I’m utterly in love with this photo. Its so beautiful.

Our walk down…

An amazing view of Gardens By The Bay.

After this, we rushed over to the Supergrove Trees to catch the light show which was BEAUTIFUL.

They were playing many songs and the trees lights flashed along to the beats of the song. What a great for the eyes and an amazing way to end off our day.

Overall, I loved this experience because when I came here when I was younger all I did was take pictures and I didn’t get to take it slow and admire the beauty of the flowers. So if you are planning to visit Singapore, make sure to pop by Gardens By The Bay. 😉



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