🌺About Me 🌺


I guess you’ve stumbled onto my blog!


Don’t leave yet! Hear me out, would ya?

So! Lemme give a brief introduction of myself! My name is Cayla & I’m from Asia (heh, it rhymes) I started this blog to write about things I enjoy or I want to recommend you guys to use or to express my feelin-

Okay, that’s a lot.

Basically, this is a different form of expressing myself.

I enjoy watching Korean Dramas, Netflix (I love Stranger Things SOOOOO much!), food, watching Youtube (Try Guys, Pewdiepie, Ryan Higa etc)

I am currently in college, learning the art of baking. (Sounds so fancy but in reality its not)

So, now that you know about me, I hope you will enjoy my posts, stories and so on. It ranges from Beauty products to stuff I bake to shows to watch on Netflix and so on!

Sit back, relax and have a good time here! ❣️

Cayla 💋