A Major Exam.

So…i really have not blogged in awhile. I have been caught up with my preparation for my major exams which are just next month.

Honestly, I have been really stressed and i felt horrible. I fell sick twice. Like once it was so bad i had to go to the hospital…after that illness…a few weeks later i fell sick again because i kept eating pineapple tarts.

Again, medical fees were soaring and i missed so many days of school. At this point, i feel horrible. Its like a mixture of sadness and anger. I have this BBQ party tomorrow which i, honestly, don’t want to go for it just cause im lazy.

I mentioned in my previous post about the N levels and let me elaborate on it.

The N levels is a REALLY important exam here in Singapore where based on our results from it, it dictates whether we move up to college. As i failed PSLE once and i had to repeat, i did not want that to happen to me again.

(The PSLE is the primary school leaving exam. Its what we take to see if we can go to secondary school)

So i have the normal subjects, English, Maths, Science and Mother Tongue.

Honestly, im horrible in my maths and science and i practically gave up on my mother tongue which is Malay.

My prelims recently just ended and i felt that i did not do my best. All the papers were tough and i walked out with that feeling where i did not do well in any subject.

So i will try to get blogging again after my exams. Till then, pray for me.

Thank you for reading my post!



Good Girl.

The reason why I titled this post is about a conversation I had with a friend earlier in school today.

I was sitting with two other friends while waiting for my exam paper to start. One of my friend there was a girl who i am close with and the other was a guy who was just a friend of mine.

He then brought up the topic about our science revision papers that was given to us to do before our N levels.

(N levels is an exam we take here in Singapore. It is that another typical exam that dictates whether we can go up to college or nah)

So we have 7 sets of papers to do and as i am really stressed and irritated, I take my time to do it. And so he said to me that he told my science teacher that he did the last set which was set 7. But he did not actually do it and so now he has to complete it.

I completed and submitted set 4 and I have corrections to do for that paper and i have to do set 5 as well and let me tell you it is not easy at all. I have to do the corrections on my own and with my noted only. And when i go for lesson, i have to explain to her the anwser which is really irritating as i find it tough to remember some of the facts.

And the science paper has so much calculations which im not good at and my other friends are which makes me feel even more shit.

So when i told him that i haven’t even completed up to that set, he said something which really annoyed me.

He said, “What!? I thought you were that good girl who does all her work?”

Now if you get called that before you would know how i felt at that point.

Just because someone does their work and hand it in on time, does NOT mean they are a good girl/boy.

So i felt really irritated at that remark. I felt really irritated at him for being really insensitive. Actually, he is insensitive in real life so yeah. Cunt. Sorry. I felt really irritated at myself for creating that image for other people to take me as.

Im sorry. I just needed a place to vent.

Thanks for reading my post by the way. Although i have not posted in a long while.

Explanation post about that coming soon!


Gardens By The Bay.

Sunday, 11 September 2016.

Yesterday, 10 September, I went out with my aunt to Gardens by the bay. Its a attraction that is about nature. There were two main Domes that we went to. It was the Flower Dome and Cloud Forest.

We first went to the Flower Dome. To be honest, there weren’t many nice flowers. But I took some pictures of flowers that I found interesting and beautiful.

That flower was one of my first picture I took of.

This flower is one, my favourite color and two, it reminded me of Lilies.

This would be perfect for a wedding!

Sadly, these flowers seem to be withering.

Now, this section was called the Tribal collection of flowers. These collection of flowers was what grew and blossomed in certain Tribal countries.

These are SO adorable.

These flowers would be PERFECT for a flower crown.

Now these flowers are part of the Tribal Collection. Aren’t they beautiful?

So are these!

This is a overall picture of one side of the Tribal Collection.

I feel like just throwing myself in these bed of flowers. 😍

What a majestic lion.

So after visiting the Flower dome, we made our way to eat and then we headed to the Cloud Forest. I got multiple beautiful shots for you guys!

Isn’t it beautiful?! It was so cooling and misty in there. I was smart to bring a jacket along because 1st the same time it was FREAKING FREEZING. We then made our way up to the Sky bridge which allows us to walk around the mountain on a higher platform.

I’m utterly in love with this photo. Its so beautiful.

Our walk down…

An amazing view of Gardens By The Bay.

After this, we rushed over to the Supergrove Trees to catch the light show which was BEAUTIFUL.

They were playing many songs and the trees lights flashed along to the beats of the song. What a great for the eyes and an amazing way to end off our day.

Overall, I loved this experience because when I came here when I was younger all I did was take pictures and I didn’t get to take it slow and admire the beauty of the flowers. So if you are planning to visit Singapore, make sure to pop by Gardens By The Bay. 😉



31st August 2016

So recently, I watched and read about different fears that people had and it inspired me to write about my own fears. I narrowed it down to Top 3 fears so it won’t get too boring. Let’s begin, shall we?

Starting from number 3, I have Agliophobia, the fear of pain. I always hated pain ever since I was young. Everytime the health people came down to my school for health checkups, I would always dread there being injections. Even before the needle even touch my skin, I would start to cry. Like recently, I got my braces done. And when the doctor told me I needed to get 4 teeth extracted, my stomach fell as fear overtook me. I really hate pain even up to today. People tell me to just like look away or don’t think about it but IT DOES NOT WORK AT ALL. Its seriously one of my biggest fears and that’s why till this day I hate the feeling of pain.

At number 2, I have Social Phobia. The fear of being humiliated and embarrassed. I know What you might be thinking, “wow. This girl is a pussy.” But it’s true. I am always afraid of being embarrassed. Like when I go on stage. I always hide behind people to prevent embarrassment. But when Im alone, I freak out. Recently, I was in the train with my mom. My shoelace came undone and she told me to tie it before the train reached the station. So I bent down to do it and the train (since it was moving) jerked forward a little and I fell onto my butt and slid abit, infront of the dozens of people. I was seriously so embarrassed but I didn’t show it. I just remained quiet. It’s really a shit feeling and sadly I have to go through that everytime I get embarrassed.

And finally, my biggest fear of all time. Number 1. I have Entomophobia. Fear of bugs. I literally HATE every single type of bug. Except for butterflies. I really hate bugs and I know that this is a common fear. But for me, it’s different. Even after the bug was murdered and my mom would ask me to pick it up (cause she herself is a pussy) (Jkay love you mom) I would still not do it and try to avoid it. If I get pushed too far I would legit start crying. Last year, I went on a trip with my school to Vietnam, such a lovely place btw. So we stayed in the low-class hotel for 2 nights. And the whole time we were there, in my room’s toilet, was a giant ass lizard. So because we had two people to one room, my friend was not afraid of it. But I was shit scared. On the very first day of showering, I legit shook so much that I fell and accidentally broke the shower. All because of that stank lizard. So I decided after every shower or after we brush our teeth, we just shut the door. Although there were other lizards in our room, they never showed themselves during our stay at the hotel and i was SO happy to be leaving that place on the third day. I sometimes wonder how Im gonna survive life with the bugs.

So, being afraid And having fears is normal. And sometimes, it takes time to overcome it. Like 2 years ago, I overcame my fear of rollercoasters. And it was actually fun. So it’s okay to have fears because many people out there have their own fears…its not just you.


Arcade Fun!

24 July 2016

So yesterday, 23/07/2016, it was my friend’s birthday celebration (my friend was a guy btw) at Timezone Rush @ Vivocity. It was awkward at first but i had fun.

So we were supposed to meet at 12 noon sharp. I reached there say around 11.30. I waited for 1 HOUR as they were late. Okay. So we met up and total it was about 5 people showed up, none of them i knew apart from one other guy from my school. It was seriously awkward af. No one knew each other and we were just keeping to ourselves. My friend who’s birthday celebration we went for also had a hard time getting us to talk to each other.

We then went to the arcade where we waited around for a while longer till his mum came with the food and etc. We then brought out a table that the arcade people was nice enough to supply us with. We then brought it out to the back of the arcade to this big open space. Since it rained earlier that day, the floor was wet and we had to sit on it and eat. So we cut the cake first and some of them took bits of the cake and smashed it onto my friend’s face. I stood back cause i found it super awkward.

So they passed slices of the cake around and i was enjoying mine till i was left with a small bit on my plate and i thought, “Hmm…they made me wait so long. I could have been at home in my nice warm bed. And this is so awkward…Oh what the heck?” So i took that last piece, snuck up behind my friend and smashed it on his face. I felt evil that day…and proud. 😏 Then we had some pizza before heading inside to play. The atmosphere around our group kinda loosened up as the awkwardness went away and we chatted and got to know each other.

So we headed in to play the games. We started off with bumper cars. I was with this other guy from my school in the car. The game started and we went crazy. Bashing our cars into each other, getting stuck in the middle of two other cars while one just comes and hits us directly in front, our heads hitting the seat and cars slamming into my side hitting my ribs. It was a fun but painful experience as we all got out in pain.

After that, we played a few more games together before seperating and playing other games. We had two hours and when we finished, we went to the counter to see how many tickets we got to redeem some prizes. That’s when we found out that for the 2 hours we were playing games and earning tickets, i even got a big win of 250 tickets, it was all for NOTHING as it did not get added into the card due to something to do with the birthday package that my friend’s mom got. We were all so upset and the prizes we got was seriously lame. I just got a bottled water, a kit kat and some cookies. Although that sucked, we all had fun.

So when the fun and games all ended, we went to take some photos together.


We went outside to the garden/water play area to take these amazing photos.


Don’t ask why some of us are bare foot. So the whole time, i was really tired due to me being a total dumb dumb and thinking it was a school day and freaking out at 7am. But i tried my best to stay awake and slap a smile on my face and i actually enjoyed myself.

After that photo taking session, we all just said our goodbyes and left. I went with 3 of his friends as we tool the MRT together. We all just stood silently together as we were so tired. My feet actually hurt A LOT due to me standing practically for the whole day.

Initially, i thought that i had to isolate myself in the corner due to me being socially awkward. But i didn’t have to. So when you are with a bunch of people you don’t know and you feel super awkward and have NO idea what to do, just take it slow. Be chilled and after awhile you will feel better and would warm up to them. Don’t keep to yourself. If you do that, you won’t meet new people. So be chill and have fun. One thing’s for sure, i had lots of fun. 😀👍


Beauty Post #1

6th July 2016

I don’t know if this would be a regular thing on my blog because i don’t have a lot of beauty items to talk about but i wanna open it up to other catagories to make it interestig so let’s just see how this goes, shall we?


Hello everybody! Welcome to my first beauty post. Today, i will be sharing with y’all one eyeliner that I was playing around with recently.


Its called the Hyper Glossy Liquid Liner. Its the thin type and its liquid. It gives out this really sleek effect and its looks amazing.


As you can see, from my fab eye modelling, (ignore the eyebags) I’m still learning how to put it on nicer so please don’t hate. So right now I’m just using simple make-up at the moment and not all the time cause im still in school. See ya in da next post!


A Quick Simple Gift!

1st July 2016 

Is your good friend’s birthday coming up? Not too sure what to get for him/her? Well not to worry! Cayla’s here to….uh…save your life? With a little idea i did recently. So my friend’s birthday is coming up and i did not know what on earth to get her. So i decided to do a mini food hamper! Its super quick and easy so im here to share it with you.

So what i basically did was go down to my nearest convenience shop and got her stuff. There were a lot of sales going on so its a bonus! I got for her the big bar of Dairy Milk Oreo chocolate, Haribo Gummy bears and Fruitips! It’s kinda simple but it’s the thought that counts.

So if your looking for a gift for your friend and its kinda at the last minute, i think this will save your butt. Heheheh…till next time.