10 June 2016

So i survived the long ordeal of taking out teeth and then recovering AND THEN taking out more and then recovering. And today is the day. About a few hours ago, i went to get my braces on, for the first time. Y’all ready to see mah horrendous teeth but super cool looking braces?


BA-BAM! Ta-da!!! The whole process took about 1 hour and i think 15 minutes. Dayum. I actualy wanted purple because i LOVE IT SHO MUCH but they did not have it like wth. So i chose blue. I actually wanted a different shade of blue but they ran out of it so i chose this darker one. And i turned out nice! So right now, it is hurting…A LOT. I can’t eat certain type of food for now and i have to go on a soft diet till i get used to the braces. Pray 4 me!



Home Sweet Home.

So it is now 9.20pm and a few hours ago, around 4.30pm, we reached the airport. My dad, sister and i went to Terminal 1 and waited by the belt stated on the tv screen. Around 5pm, my mum’s flight landed and 5 minutes later, the luggages started coming out.

My mum took awhile before she appeared and walked to grab her bag. I made this cute sign when people hold up if their waiting for a certain person. Mine had the word “Mom” written on it in big black ink. People stared at me, especially boys for some reason, like i was some insane person. But like i gave a shit. Im just so glad my mom’s home safe and sound. Thailand, Chiang Mai (again, apologises for the wrong spellings) was fun for her, but also tiring and she was not able to go on most of the tours due to her period, sadly. But eh, at least it was fun and the hotel was great. See ya in da next post!


Heading To The Airport! ✈

So, in about 50 minutes, my dad, sister and i will be heading to the airport, to pick up my mum who went for her holiday trip to Thailand with her colleagues.


Im wearing a top that i got from Hang Ten and skirt from Cache Cache.


Also, wearing these two pretty bracelets that i got from Louvisa.
I don’t know why i decided to put in my outfit but i just thought it’s something fun..So anyway, it’s gonna be a long journey for us as it takes about 1 hour and like 20 to 30 minutes just to get to the airport which is all the way on the other side of the country. We have to take a train to a station where we will be taking a bus to the airport. So right now, below my house, they are having a family carnival.


And now there’s a horse. What is going on!?? Good thing we are getting far far away from this place…its gonna get noisy.


Updates & Extraction #1!

So! I have not blogged for awhile because i have been caught up with numerous things. Recently, like yesterday, 1st June, my mom left on a short holiday with her workmates to Thailand! Sawadikap! (Apologises if i spelt that wrong..)

So she is returning this Sunday. Also, yesterday, i went for my extraction of two teeth for my braces, if you read my braces blog post. I have to go through two extrations, one tooth each from upper and lower sections of my teeth. So my first extraction was yesterday and it went well.

The doctor injected the anesthetic before yanking and pulling at my tooth. We decided to do the hard one. When the procedure was completed, the right side of my lip was all so numb. I could not even drink water properly and i could not feel my lip whatsoever. The anesthetic wore off after 3 hours. 3 HOURS! And my lip went back to normal. There was ALOT of bleeding from my wound but its much better today, 2 June. I also got my period at the time i was preparing to go for my appointment! How awesome, right!? *tears stream down mah face*

But anywho, my next appt is on the 8th of June. Or maybe this Sunday….who knows?


Getting back Results…

So…i got my results today and..I’m really dissapointed. I got my first U grade of the year. I NEVER gotten one in secondary school life so far. I always maintained at least a D. Seeing it just feels…demoralizing.


Could i just run away and hide somewhere? And get away from all this…shit? The Problems. The Expectations. School. Grades. Its all so…😢

Some Bad Choices.

So in our life, we made many bad decisions…in my case, i made a lot. I lost a lot of friends due to those small dumb choices. And now a days, when i see them on the streets or at McDonalds, its just really awkward. People say ‘Forgive and Forget’ or ‘Don’t hold a grudge.” I try not to.


It’s just really sad to think back to the good old days before everything came crumbling down due to one bad decision. And i know, it is very very hard to let it go or stop thinking about it.


I lost my good friend ever since i was young to one wrong decision. But i met other friends due to that wrong decision. I decided to share this with those who read my blog because i just needed to stop keeping it inside me.


Last Week Of School!! 🎉🎉

So, next week is the LAST WEEK OF SCHOOL! WOOOOOOOOOOO! VACATION HERE I COME! Ahem. Anyway, i have 3 days of activities for those who are not going for the work learning journey and i am gonna be so bored since i am part of it. Here’s the line up:

·Tuesday- Movie Outing. Im going to watch Civil War!
·Wednesday- Discovery Center Outing. UGHHHH. Been there like sooooo many timesss!
·Thurday- RC Hotel Outing. Only for my course people. So its my class and another one.

And the last day is just parents meeting the teachers. Then FREEDOMMMMMMMMMM. YASSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!! I am super pumped! Anyway, I’ll update you on how these trips go!


Hehehehhe…see ya in da next post!